How to find the perfect fitted t-shirt for a man

How to find the perfect fitted t-shirt for a man

Guys wear the wrong size t-shirt.  ALL. THE. TIME!  They're usually too big, sometimes too small but very often just crappy boxy t-shirts that don't look good on anybody.  Good t-shirts fit right on Dad bods, fit guys, chubby guys, etc.  It shouldn't matter.  Once and for all, here is the definitive guide on how a tee should properly fit on any guy.  

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Collars should look sleek and lay flat.  They shouldn't be too bulk but should provide structure to the top of the shirt.  They also shouldn't get stretched out after washing.  Good t-shirts hold the collar for years of washing.  Once it starts curling up, turn that tshirt into a rag!  

The chest is important because even if you're not ripped, a good tee can make you look fit.  It should be snug enough on the top of the chest but also provide enough room to be comfortable.  It shouldn't be so tight and thin that we can make out every detail of your chest.  Lift up your arms and pinch the fabric on the side of the chest, you should get about 1-2" of fabric.  Anymore and it's probably too big or just a bad tee.  

This part is really important.  Too many t-shirts are way too big in the arms.  The arms shouldn't be strangling your biceps but they should fit nice on your arms.  Put your arm straight out and stick a few fingers in the arm - anything more than that shouldn't fit.  If it does, the tee is too big!  The arms should also fall about half way down your bicep.  The properly fitted tee will make any guy's arms look big.  

Got a Dad bod?  No sweat.  The proper tee has enough room in the gut but also has a slight taper to it.  This leaves room for your 5 extra pounds but also gives you some shape.  Look for side seams on each side of the t-shirt.  This is a sign of a nice t-shirt.  "tube" tees don't look good on anyone.  Sure, they hand them out for free at basketball games and fun runs but they should be left for PJ shirts.  

Finally, another really important thing to look out for is the length.  Tees that are too long or too short can make you look awkward!  The shirt should cover your beltline and fall about halfway down your fly.  It should have a nice hem that provides a little weight to the bottom of the t-shirt so it falls nicely.  When the hem starts to fray or fall apart, it's time to put that tee in the trash.

That's it!  Follow these guidelines and you'll look like a freakin' model in your next t-shirt.  Tees are perfectly appropriate for the club, casual days at work our a night out on the town if you find the right tee with the right fit.  We would suggest our tees, that are designed with all of these features in mind!  Check out the SoFly Perfect Fit Tee from FlyFitTees!
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