FlyFitTees - who the heck are we?

We're dudes... middle aged dudes. We have a slight beer gut.  Yup - like most dudes out there.  We're in Denver (the craft beer capitol of the world) can you blame us?   We tried those other tees and just didn't think they fit right.  They promise to be Fresh and Classic but they weren't doing it for us.  So we decided it was time to step up and create the true PERFECT fit tee.  FlyFitTees was born.  

We worked with t-shirt manufacturers to design a tee that is soft, fits great in the arms, chest, gut and waist but also wouldn't cost a fortune.  You shouldn't be paying $25+ for a t-shirt.  That's just stupid! FlyFitTees are $20 or less.  Buy a 3-pack and you'll realize that it's the best deal on the market for a perfect fit tee.  We use a combination of ringspun cotton and polyester so it's super soft, feels great and holds up to washes.  

On top of all this, our mission is to be good people.  If you order a single shirt and it doesn't fit, we'll replace it!  Zero shipping costs to you.  That's our "Perfect Fit Guarantee."  We also promise to be good people.  If you don't love our tees - we'll take them back.  Simply because that's the right way to run a company.  

Bottom line, we make awesome tees that are designed to look awesome on ANY body and we promise to be good people.  That's it, that's the mission!  We would be honored to EARN your business and your trust.  We guarantee our tees will become your favorite tees in your closet.  

-Ed (
FlyFitTees Founder
Denver, CO